Question - Answer Set-2 for Dy.So Exam -->

Question - Answer Set-2 for Dy.So Exam

1. who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?

2. Who set up the city of Bhavnagar?

3. Which spiritual poet are Tana and Riri related to?

Name the freedom fighter, who set up Rutambhara Vidyapeeth that provides education to girls in district Daang.

5. Who published first Gujarati Weekly 'Shri Mumbai na Samachar'?

7. whose name is the Hyderabad National Police Academy set up?

8. Which Gujarati was the first Defence head in independent India?

9. Who is given the credit of constructing grammar of Gujarati language?

For the rights of Indians in South Africa, along with the 'Satyagraha', what newspaper did Gandhiji start out?

Which district of Gujarat has the Purna Sanctuary?

12. Which is the tallest mountain peak in Kachchh?

13. Where are windmill electricity farms in Gujarat?

14. Which dam is in the city of Morbi?

What was the original name of Pujya Mota?

16. Which district is covered by Charotar region?

17. Where is the Quant Fair organized?

Which district of Gujarat takes maximum crop of the famous Kesar Mangoes?

19. On the banks of which river is the famous pilgrimage Somnath situated?

Which is the first hill station in Gujarat that has been systematically developed as per tourism planning?

21. Which rivers make the land of Bharuch and Surat district fertile?

22. What is the 'Palash' tree (Butea Monosperma) known as in the local dialect in North Gujarat?

23. Which district has maximum number of rivers?

24. Which place in Gujarat has the coral farms for the business production of pearls?

25. Which mineral is found in the hot water streams in Tuwa?

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