Question - Answer Set-1 for Dy.So Exam -->

Question - Answer Set-1 for Dy.So Exam

1. In which city was the first Express highway no. 1 introduced in Gujarat?

2. When did Akashvani formally start in Gujarat?

3. Which is Gujarat’s biggest agriculture produce centre?

4. which state of India is maximum blood donation witnessed?

5. Who wrote the first autobiography in Gujarati titled 'Mari Haqiqat'?

7. For the production of which mineral are the rocks in Rajpipla known?

8. Which famous painter is known as 'Kala Guru'?

9. Which was Gujarat's first regional silent film?

10. Where in Gujarat is the china clay industry?

11. What are the Kachchh desert and bay of Khambhat connected with?

12. Which district in Gujarat shares its border with Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh?

13. For which fabric production is Veraval known?

14. Near which place does Sabarmati merge into the sea?

15. Between which two stations did the first railway start in Gujarat?

16. What is Gujarat's rank for the production of Graphite?

17. Where is the plant in Bhavnagar for turning salt water into sweet?

18. From which mountains does the Akik manufacturing in Khambhat get the materials?

19. Which mineral is received from the Shivrajpur mine in Panchmahal?

20. Where is the central salt and marine chemicals research institute?

21. Where was the first industrial sector set up in Gujarat?

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