Question - Answer Set-3 for Dy.So Exam -->

Question - Answer Set-3 for Dy.So Exam

1. During the reign of which king was Rani ni Vaav constructed?

2. During which dynasty was the Somnath temple renovated?

3. Where is the famous fair for animals organized in Gujarat?

Which was the first city found in Gujarat that belongs to the Harappan civilization?

5. Which is the biggest oil sector in Gujarat?

Which king's reign in Gujarat is known as the Golden period?

8. Which Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Gujarat is now in the world's top ten SEZs list?

9. Where was litterateur B. K. Thakor born?

Who called the language spoken in Gujarat as 'Gujarati'?

Where does the Bhavnath fair get organized in Gujarat?

Which poet shaped the genre of ‘Akhyan’ in Gujarati literature?

13. Which part of Mahabharata is the Tarnetar fair held in Gujarat associated with?

14. Name the palace in Gondal which is known for its architecture.

Which city in Gujarat is known for the Akik work?

16. Which place in Gujarat is one of the four pilgrimages in India?

17. Which site is being now promoted by Gujarat for the world heritage status?

Which was the first Satyagrah in Gujarat at the time of independence movement?

Which lake was created after constructing the dam on the river Meshwo?

Who wrote the diary, 'Day to Day Gandhi'?

21. Which scheme did ex. CM Keshubhai Patel start off for rural development?

22. What is Gandhiji's Samadhi known as?

23. Whose tomb is called Abhayghat in Ahmedabad?

24. Which Gujarati female participated in Bardoli Satyagraha?

25. Who took the leadership of opposing foreign fabrics and liquor shops in Ahmedabad?

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