Gujarat govt announces 63-124% hike in salary of 1.18 lakh fix-pay employees -->

Gujarat govt announces 63-124% hike in salary of 1.18 lakh fix-pay employees

Gujarat government today announced 63 to 124% increase in salary of 1.18 lakh(1,18,738) fix-pay employees as per the 7th pay commission with effect from 1st February.
This will add Rs 13,00 crore additional burden annually to govt exchequer.

Fix-pay employees are divided into four cadres.
A class-4 employee gets Rs 10,500. With 63% increase as per the 7th pay commission’s relevant pay metrics they will now get Rs 16,224.

Another cadre which includes, talati, peons, office assistants, sub accountants, vidya Saha yaks, constables will get 73% hike and get Rs 19,950 instead of Rs 11,500 per month at present.
Staff nurse, deputy accountant, head clerk etc get Rs 16,500 pay per month. With 90% hike, they will get Rs 31,340.

Deputy Education Officer, deputy mamlatdar, office superintendents etc get Rs 17,000 per month as of now. With 124% hike, they will get Rs 38,090.

This announcement was made by Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitin Patel in the media briefing at Gandhinagar.

He said the government has accepted the demand of fix-pay employees that they should be considered for the job from the first day itself. The government is going to offer them benefits like HR Hike from Rs 11,500 to Rs 19,950 per month will cover 99,852 employees. Hike in pay from Rs 16,500 to Rs 31340 will benefit 15,722 employees. Hike from Rs 17,000 to Rs 38,90 per month will benefit 3,164 employees on fix-pay.

Today’s decision doesn’t cover the employees that are outsourced and contracted. The decision will impact those who have passed exams/interviews by GPSC, Gaun Seva Pasandagi Mandal to get the job.

Fix-pay employees will also get job benefits like HRA, transport allowance etc from 1st day on job. Benefits of pension, promotion, seniority, higher pay scale etc will be availed for employees recruited after 2006 or implementation of fix-pay policy. Benefits of allowances and retirement will also be availed. The Promotion will be speedy as five-year fix-pay period will be treated as continuous job period.

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